A HUGE techno event planned in Irvine finally looks set to proceed after months left in the lurch.

Hidden Ayrshire, to take place at Bouncestation on MacKintosh Place in the South Newmoor Industrial Estate, has been decribed as "Ayrshire's biggest techno warehouse event since the 90s".

The Times first reported plans for the rave back in January 2022, which has seen Bouncestation work together with MADE UK.

One of the venue's managers told us that he hoped it would be the first of many events like this, which would make use of the expansive warehouse space they own.

Much to the disappointment of many rave-goers, the venue did confirm that the inflatables at the massive indoor park would be "moved to the side" for the evening. Though this did not result in any lack of interest in the event.

However, since first being confirmed for April 9, 2022, Hidden has encountered numerous stumbling blocks along the road.

In late March, the organisers confirmed the first postponement of the rave, citing "the scale of this warehouse event" as the reason - with additional safety certificates required before it could be approved by North Ayrshire Council and Police Scotland.

Hidden was then re-arranged for September 17, and organisers teased that it would be "worth the wait".

However, August came around and it was more bad news for North Ayrshire's revellers as once again the event was put on ice.

With the election of a new council in May, it also led to new members taking up roles on the licensing committee.

Described as a "very slow process" by organisers, it meant further delays in receiving the required certification for Hidden.

They said in an announcement in August that "it looked like we will receive these certificates in September" which they said was too close to their already rescheduled date.

It led to yet another postponement, this time until November 19.

And it now appears that it will be third time the charm for the event, following a special licensing committee meeting on October 3.

At this meeting, Bouncestation's application for a public entertainment licence was finally heard, after its continuation from March 28.

Here, the committee unanimously agreed to grant the application for the period of one year, until September 30, 2023.

This agreement also includes a number of additional conditions for any event held in this time period.

These include: No customers being granted access to the premises after 11pm; the capacity limit for customers being held to 650; that all drinks shall be served in paper or plastic containers and Police Scotland should be given at least six weeks notice prior to all events.

Bouncestation or Hidden Ayrshire are yet to confirm that the event will go ahead, but this approval makes it seem unlikely that there will be any further delays.