A SPRAWLING 400-house development in Kilwinning was given the go ahead by North Ayrshire Council’s planning committee on Wednesday after concerns over traffic issues were allayed.

The Persimmon Homes development is at West Byrehill, which had been identified as an employment area by Irvine Development Corporation in the 1970s but failed to take off.

It was looked at in 2013 as an industrial development site but was considered unsuitable.

Planning permission in principle for residential development and associated uses at West Byrehill, off Pennyburn Road in Kilwinning, was granted subject to conditions in 2015 but nothing happened with this and that permission was renewed by the land owner in 2020.

It envisages 426 houses covering the site and will guarantee work for local people for 10 years.

But no houses will be built beyond 108 until the road network around the area is seen to be suitable.

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The development would be phased, starting at the north of the site and working through.

Access would be through Pennyburn Road and it is proposed to open the Penny Burn for biodiversity and drainage purposes as it has been covered over previously.

Some 72 houses are also being built by Cunninghame Housing Association on the site with work well advanced.

Different neighbourhoods will be built as part of it. Detached, semi-detached and terraced houses are included in a network of local neighbourhoods.

There will be a neighbourhood park and paths which link on to the cycle paths.

Items have been fly-tipped on the site and these will be removed as part of the development.

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Transport Scotland has no objections to the development.

Forty houses will be built each year for 10 years.

Kilwinning Councillor Scott Davidson voiced concerns about traffic and said: “This is a great development for the Kilwinning constituents who will look forward the to Penny Burn opening up.

Irvine Times: Councillor Scott DavidsonCouncillor Scott Davidson

“My concerns were where the development adjoins St Luke’s Primary School where there are drop-off and pick-up points and heading  towards Pennyburn roundabout.”

Planning officer James Miller said: “We have had careful consideration of the impact on the road network and that is ongoing. Council consultants working on B714 are working on this as well.

“Persimmon are well aware of work ongoing and had their own traffic consultants engaged with us as well.”