A man arrested for shouting and swearing at police and allegedly making sexual comments to officers has been held in custody.

Sonny McDonagh, 25, appeared from custody after his arrest at the Rivergate Shopping Centre on Thursday, October 27 last week.

It's alleged he behaved in a threatening manner by repeatedly shouting and swearing at constables while adopting an aggressive demeanor.

He faces a second charge of resisting arrest after allegedly struggling with two constables.

It's alleged he also shouted sexual remarks at the two male and female officers - for humiliating, distressing, or alarming them or for his gratification.

The complaint states all three charges were committed on bail, granted twice this year.

When the accused, represented by defence solicitor Peter Murray, appeared in court last Friday [October 27] he pleaded guilty to threatening behaviour and resisting arrest. 

McDonagh, of Dunton Knoll, Irvine, pleaded not guilty to the sexual comments charge - with this not accepted by prosecutors.

Bail was refused and he was remanded in custody to face trial at a later date.