THERE appears to have been more than just a footballing decision behind the departure of Irvine Victoria attacker Francis Kope.

Kope announced on social media on Thursday, October 27, that he would be leaving the side, after their strong start to the season.

He has been in fine form this season, so his sudden decision to leave the club certainly raised a few eyebrows.

Upon leaving, he wished his former club the best of luck for the rest of the season, and stated: “I haven’t made any decision as to where I will play the remaining of the season.”

Though the Times can reveal, that Kope has made his decision to leave the club following a disagreement with manager Dougie MacDuff.

The Times has been made aware that the manager was left furious after Kope informed him that he would be unavailable for this week’s training and fixture as he was due to be away.

This led to a heated exchange, which left a sour taste in Kope’s mouth, who was frustrated by his managers response, which included questioning the player’s attitude.

This led to Kope asking to be transfer listed. Though the story did not stop there, with further fallout unfolding on social media.

Kope was later contacted by a social media account named ‘Jim O’Donnell’ who contacted the player asking to write a column on his time at the club and future plans.

This included answering a number of questions, and sending the so-called journalist images of him training and a video of him “keepying up the ball”.

Though the account appears to have all been a ruse, in an attempt to get back at the player - though the source of the account is unknown.

Kope made light of the situation after becoming aware on social media, and said: “Clearly oor Jim is at it.

“Been done a kipper here. Hope you enjoyed they keepy ups Jim .”

Though former teammate John Mclaughlan was left less than impressed by the stunt.

He replied: “Sad life’s people must have doing this by the way. Jealousy consumes some people, clowns.

“Good that people will have their laugh and that eh, we talk about mental health in football then you’ve got guys trying to bring someone down, embarrassing.”