PLANS are said to be in motion to try and put a end to "incessant vandalism" at the site of the former Dreghorn Primary School.

The issue was brought to the cabinet member for place, Scott Davidson, at the recent full North Ayrshire Council meeting.

A question regarding the building was brought to the Kilwinning councillor by concerned Conservative councillor for Irvine South Matthew McLean.

He asked Cllr Davidson: "If he is concerned about the state of the old Dreghorn Primary School building on the Main Street and the incessant vandalism to the site?”

The former school has fallen foul to numerous spates of vandalism since its closure back in 2012.

The Arran Brewery took over the building in 2014, though have had very little success in operating from the North Ayrshire base.

Commenting after a late night fire at the Dreghorn building in July of this year, Gerald Michaluk, managing director at the independent business, complained of repeated attacks causing "considerable damage".

He commented: "Attacks are almost daily and the police appear powerless to stop them as even when they apprehend some of the culprits their age prevents them taking any meaningful action, while under Scottish law their parents cannot be held liable for the damage their children cause."

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Though now, given the update provided by Cllr Davidson, it appears work may soon begin to bring an end to the issues once and for all.

In response to Cllr McLean, he said: “As a recently retired firefighter, my answer is simply yes.

“The property has suffered extensive vandalism and the property owner has advised that they have taken preventative measures to reduce the potential for vandalism on site.

“The owners are currently engaging with the council’s planning, regeneration and business growth services.

“This is with a view to identifying potential options for the repurposing and redevelopment of the building."

Cllr Davidson continued by explaining exactly the measures which would be taken to ensure this.

He added: “The property owner is in process of preparing an application to the council’s repurposing property grant fund for a feasibility study on the building.

“Officers have provided support and guidance to the owner to prepare a brief, and enable them to obtain the required tenders to support their application.

“We anticipate a receipt of the application over the next month, and subject to funding, completion of the study in the current financial year.”

Cllr McLean accepted the response given by the cabinet member for place, thanking him for this with no follow up required.