A WOMAN who attempted to steal a dog from a house in Irvine during a theft spree and then went on the run from authorities has been allowed to remain at large.

Nadia ‘Shabbanna’ Johnstone, 23, admitted multiple offences of theft, shoplifting and breaking into Marks and Spencer – as well as breaching court orders not to enter the Rivergate mall or Riverway Retail Park.

Warrants were earlier issued after she failed to appear in court – following a ‘missing person’ appeal from Police Scotland during efforts to trace her.

When Johnstone returned to court last week she pleaded guilty to the incident along with charges across multiple complaints.

She pleaded guilty to an amended charge after the incident in Clark Drive at around 2.30pm on Wednesday (May 11) which led to an arrest near Mamma’s chip shop.

Johnstone admitted entering a home without invitation, then refusing to leave while behaving in an aggressive manner towards a man and woman.

She shouted, swore and threatened the woman with violence and threatened to take her dog.

She then stole the dog, and pushed the woman, causing her to collide with a wall.

Johnstone also admitted stealing a quantity of food and a pair of earphones from Tesco in Irvine back on August 5 last year, while out on bail.

She later went on to steal a circular saw from Aldi on East Road on November 21, then a speaker from Currys at the Riverway Retail Park four days later.

She pleaded guilty to a later incident of breaking into Marks and Spencer on February 7, 2022 by applying pressure to an automatic door, forcing it open, and making off with a haul of meat.

She also admitted nicking candles and cosmetics from Primark in the mall and cleaning products from Home Bargains, as well as destroying property belonging to the Nail Bar in the mall after pushing over a stand and damaging it and their equipment.

She pleaded guilty to breaching a bail condition forbidding her from entering the mall or retail park.

Johnstone also admitted failing to answer the door during a home curfew at Heatherstone Way on February 18 this year.

She also stole various items, including razors, perfume, electric toothbrushes, other electrical items and hair straighteners from Irvine’s Sainsbury’s on January 30 and March 6, 7, 8 and 13 – and breaching a bail condition by entering the Bridgegate to carry out the thefts.

Additionally, Johnstone admitted breaching a curfew by failing to remain at home in Livingstone Terrace on May 7, as well as entering the Rivergate and Bridgegate area on Boxing Day last year – again in breach of a bail order.

Johnstone, represented by defence solicitor Peter Murray, was granted bail when she returned to court last week.

Sentencing was deferred until next year.