A KILWINNING woman has shared her online order mishap which has left her in fits of laughter.

Justine Byrne explained the error and what she recieved rather than the brown jumpsuit she had ordered.

Much to her shock, when Justine opened her Shein parcel, rather than what she had chosen online, she received a 'onesie' style monkey costume.

She explained: "I love going walks and I ordered a wee brown jumpsuit for winter to wear going my walks.

"I am in such disbelief I have been sent this monkey costume from Shein instead of the jumpsuit.

"If anyone needs a laugh or cheered up today your welcome cos this has cheered me right up."

And much to the amusement of Justine's friends and everyone else online, she shared a hilarious video of the moment she unwrapped her parcel.

She also shared themoment on TikTok, with more than one million viewers sharing in her laugh.

Ironically, she said she "couldn't wait" to try on the jumpsuit, and she hoped it would "motivate me to go for a walk".

But what would unfold would not quite meet Justine's expectations.

Using language she apologised for in her social media post, the first thing she noticed in her parcel was a long brown tail.

A puzzled Justine commented: "What the f*** is this?"

Then, seeing the funny side of the situation, Justine decided to try on the costume, as she joked someone was "bamming her up".

She added: "I just wanted a jumpsuit for going a walk."

While her friends very much saw the funny side of the situation as well - with nearly 1,000 people commenting on her social media post.

One comment read: "This is what I needed today, by far the best laugh I have seen in ages. Bless ya wee hen."

While another joked: "At least she got a good Hallowe'en costume for next year."

Since receiving the order, Justine has now confirmed she has returned the costume as it does not suit her winter walking attire needs. She is now having the correct jumpsuit sent to her.