Irvine’s Water Sports Club has is hosting a “warm space” to help residents struggling with rising energy bills.

The free to attend Warm Space hours started on Tuesday November 22 and runs every Tuesday and Thursday between 12pm and 2pm at the Club on 66 Harbour St – offering heat, soup, and hot drinks.

Co-organiser Stacey Jane Hogg said: “The Warm Space was inspired just really by the cost-of-living crisis and just so we could help folk out and give them a bit of warmth and something to eat.

“There’re people out there struggling to keep their heating on right now, so we just thought we’d offer them a wee hot space.

“This is our first year of doing anything like this.

“We could have up to thirty people – we’ve been making massive pots of soup.”

Stacey Jane organised the Warm Space alongside fellow Irvine Water Sports Club volunteer Jim Stewart.

So far, the hours haven’t been as busy as expected so the club would like to encourage anyone who is looking for hot food and drinks, a hot space, or just socialisation to come along.

Club barmaid Amber-Rose Mackay said: "We have a couple of volunteers from the watersports that are doing the hot space just now as it's just starting up.

"When the word gets out more and more people join us for it, I'll definitely be volunteering my time as well.

"We understand that times are hard for everyone and thought it would be a nice thing to do to help out the community.

"I personally think it's a amazing idea from the club as it could help a wide variety of people out!"

There’s no need to contact the organisers or club beforehand, anyone who would like to come along is welcome to just pop in.