AN ELVIS-LOVING clerical duo from Irvine have teamed up once again to get music fans from every generation All Shook Up.

Rev Neil Urquhart, minister at Fullarton Parish Church, and Father Willie Boyd, parish priest at the town's St Mary's and St John Ogilvie, hit the Rivergate Centre this week to promote their new music.

The dynamic duo - who have christened themselves The Shoes Brothers - took on the guise of the King to plug their new single, 'Jesus Rock (Donkey’s Hooves)' and showed off their moves to help banish the cost-of-living blues.

The single – the 11th festive offering by the duo – will be launched on Friday, December 9 and will be on Spotify and Apple Music.

The pair's combined musical talents have been entertaining people in the area during the festive season for more than a decade.

Previous efforts have been inspired by High School Musical, break-dancers and Queen, to name just a few.

Neil said: “This is our 11th single and it’s so infectious. 

“The song is about heartbreak and sorrow; ‘Since the Angel Gabriel left Mary, she found a new place to dwell; in a lonely street, in South Israel’.

"There’s a sense of heartbreak and sorrow, but it’s also entering joy as they aim to get to Bethlehem.

“It’s topical with the Elvis movie out this year, but it was so sad his life was cut short at 42. He had quite a deep faith with his gospel songs.”

Added Willie: “Everyone who came out today has a smile on their face which is great to see. We believe the Good News is Jesus. We need more than just good economic policies or good philosophical strategies.

“All the way down the Mall we did loads of impromptu things. Loads and loads of young people have been asking for selfies with us,  wanting to know what’s going on and joining in the dance.

It’s great the way people have been attracted to it.”