A councillor has slammed Stagecoach, calling for them to “listen to residents” as frustrations rise over Irvine bus stop usage.

Councillor Nairn McDonald has criticised the bus company for failing to reinstate their usage of the bus stops in Montgomerie Park - even after the issue with construction company Bellway Homes occupying the stops’ turning points was resolved.

Councillor Nairn McDonald said: “The bus issue in Montgomery Park is becoming untenable!

“Stagecoach is proving ridiculously hard to engage with.

“Residents have witnessed buses (coaches) turn in the allocated space, yet the de-regulated bus companies continue to peddle the line that they can’t turn adequately.

“Bellway have been working co-operatively with the council and have carried out a survey which shows there is enough swing in the roundabout for buses to service the original bus stops.

“It is time for Stagecoach to listen to residents and start servicing the main stop before a child or elderly resident is seriously harmed using the temporary stop.”

The bus stops were out of use for six months between May and November due to construction vans and equipment occupying their turning points – with buses having to stop at a temporary stop between two roundabouts.

Now Stagecoach – who operate school buses in the area - has been found to still not be using the regular stops and instead using the temporary space.

Responding to a request for comment, Stagecoach told the Times that they were monitoring the situation but did not confirm whether they would be reusing the bus stops.

A Stagecoach representative said: "The health and safety of our passengers is paramount.

“Alongside Strathclyde Partnership for Transport, our Operations Team will be reviewing vehicle access in Montgomerie Park in the coming days while construction is ongoing for children travelling on board the 30 and 30A bus services to ensure they can safely alight."

Parents in the area have voiced their frustrations with the company but were continually told the turning points were too small to use despite Stagecoach buses having used the turning points prior to the disruption.