A women’s safety fun day will be taking place later this week to highlight the importance of mental and physical wellbeing.

The free event will be held on Friday, December 9 between 11am and 3pm in Saltcoats Town Hall.

Run by North Ayrshire Women’s Aid, the fun day is part of the global 16 Days of Activism event which shines a spotlight on violence against women.

Attendees can take part in activities such as safety and self-defence training but will also be able to enjoy having their makeup, hair, and nails done.

A representative from North Ayrshire Women’s Aid said: “A massive side effect of being abused - mentally or physically - is the mental health side of it which is often overlooked.

“Coercive control and a mentally abusive relationship massively affect your mental health.

“Not just with domestic abuse, mental health in general is a big issue so I think it’s important and it’s something we definitely want to highlight.

“We asked the women what they would like as well so lots of the stuff that we’re doing is what the women wanted.”

A raffle will be held, craft stalls will be selling goods at the event, and a drumming session will also be available for visitors to participate in.

Everyone who comes along will get a free goodie bag filled with treats when they leave.

There will also be activities for children as Saltcoats Library will be providing Bookbug sessions throughout the day.

The event is open to everyone no matter their involvement with the Women’s Aid service or groups.

For more details you can call North Ayrshire Women’s Aid 01294 602424.