A vigil is being held across Scotland in memory of women and children who have lost their lives due to domestic abuse.

The ‘#ForThemAll’ vigil will take place on Thursday December 9 at 7pm and has been organised by Scottish Women’s Aid’s Survivor Reference Group.

Those who wish to commemorate the women and children lost to domestic violence are asked to light a candle in their memory and share pictures, reflections, and calls to action on social media using #ForThemAll.

Chief Executive of Scottish Women’s Aid Dr Marsha Scott said: ‘’Our vision is for a Scotland with no domestic abuse, where vigils to remember the women and children who died from abuse are a thing of the past.

“Unfortunately, we are still far from realising that vision, and domestic abuse deaths continue to ravage Scotland’s families and communities.

“We know that for too many women and children in Scotland, a premature death is the ultimate cost of leaving an abuser.

“That injustice should be at the forefront of all our minds when we light our candles on the 8th of December.”

Aside from being a time to remember those lost to domestic violence, the vigil also hopes to highlight the ‘hidden deaths’ of those who have died from domestic violence indirectly through means such as suicide.

The vigil comes as part of the global 16 Days of Activism to End Gender Based Violence campaign.

Many events have been taking place throughout North Ayrshire to mark the campaign with a Drive for Change event on December 3, a Reclaim the Night walk on December 6, and an upcoming women’s safety day on December 9.

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