Dreghorn Library’s knitting group has created a Christmas tree to “cheer up the village” this festive season.

The group worked for months on the full-sized patchwork tree that’s now displayed in the library garden at the Cross in Dreghorn.

Heather Angus and Marlyn Campbell from the library said: “Over the past few months, they have been beavering away making squares to create a tree.

“It looks fantastic and along with the other decorations they have created, really cheers up the village.

“This group have worked really hard for the past few years making easter, summer and remembrance displays for the village, but this is their most spectacular display so far.”

Each patch has a unique design with some adopting a festive theme depicting mistletoe or stockings, some showcasing colourful patterns, and some displaying fun pictures of animals such as pandas.

The New Town Men's Shed worked alongside the group to create the tree, constructing the frame.

People throughout the community have been impressed by the group, taking to social media to congratulate the team for their work.

In response to North Ayrshire Libraries’ Facebook post, Eglinton Community Gardens said: “Aw that's absolutely awesome!! Well done and great job for bringing some warm cheer in such cold weather.”

The library’s knitting group have previously made displays for other important times of the year such as Easter and Remembrance Sunday.