NORTH Ayrshire Council have now approved plans to create three new homes on Bank Street, Irvine.

The council first spoke of the proposals back in June of this year, before an application was submitted on their behalf at the end of October.

Now it appears that work on the development, which is expected to be completed in the summer of 2024, will soon be under way.

The housing in Bank Street, alongside Howgate in Kilwinning, was one of two projects which were allocated £680,000 by the council in 2021.

It is planned that a block of three homes will be created at 36 Bank Street, the site of former office buildings, and will include provision for rear garden grounds.

The plans also say each home will make use of the existing basement (though for storage only), ground floor and first floor.

All three of the properties will have two bedrooms, with each bedroom situated on the first floor.

There will be a timber wall at the rear of the three gardens, and two of the three properties will also have an additional fence and gate at the back of their outdoor area.

Each garden will also include a turfed area, a raised planter and a section of 'turfcrete'.

The plans were submitted to North Ayrshire Council on Friday, October 28, before they were validated on Tuesday, November 1. They were approved subject to conditions on December 15.

The two attached conditions refer to completing work as submitted in the proposals and that prior to the commencement of work, final details of the replacement windows, doors and rear boundary treatment to be erected shall be submitted for the written approval of North Ayrshire Council

Full plans can be viewed in full on via the council's online planning portal, searching for reference 22/00844/PP.

It’s expected that now planning permission has been approved, the project will go out to tender in early 2023, with construction taking place from mid 2023 for 12-18 months.

An application has been submitted to the Vacant and Derelict Land Investment Programme for £400,000 towards the Bank Street project which would enable it to be delivered to an enhanced energy standard.