AN IRVINE convenience store has been praised by residents after launching a scheme to give away food approaching its best-before date for nothing.

The Bourtreehill Supermarket, a Day-Today store in the Lower Vennel area, has decided not to let productswhich are past their best go to waste.

Instead of throwing out food that has gone beyond its 'best before' date, they are offering these products for free to customers in the store.

Sharing the idea via social media on January 3, the shop's owner said there were some "cracking branded products" that people would be able to pick up at no cost.

All products were dotted around the store in marked trolleys.

They have even hung carrier bags over the trolleys containing the free items so that people can help themselves with ease.

While some asked if the products would be better being sent to the food bank, one customer responded: "The way the shop is giving it away - no questions asked, so no demands on the customer - is perfect."

And another added that products that are past their 'best before' date may not be accepted by food banks.

Locals were more than impressed, with hundreds offering their praise on social media.

One person said: "Such a nice thing to do. Every shop should be doing the same. The food waste in this town alone is ridiculous. Well done."

While another from further afield than Irvine added: "What a lovely thing to do. Wish the shops in Cumnock did this."

Included in the promotion were tinned and dried foods, cereals, confectionery, sauces and even potatoes, all of them just past their official best before date.

The initiative will continue to run whilst stocks last.

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