IRVINE Meadow XI FC are on the lookout for volunteers to help create a special anniversary film.

Formed back in 1897, the 2022/23 season marks the club's 125th in existance.

And while on-the-field matters remain top priority for George Grierson's side, off the field they are keen to make this season a special one.

They have already put together a number of events to mark the occasion, including a pre-season match against SPFL League Two side Dumbarton.

Their next venture will see the club attempt to put together a film looking back at their 125 years so far.

Though they have now put out a rallying cry on social media looking for volunteers - as "if no one comes forward the project will not get off the ground".

The concept is simple "to tell the Medda story over 125 years to date" over the course of the film - which may be split into five segments covering 25 years each.

The story will be told by the fans, and those who run the club.

The social media statement went onto explain the idea in more detail.

A spokesperson said: "Obviously no one will be with us now to talk about the early years but there are enough archive material for people to talk over.

"Relations of early players/committee can say a word or two about these early years and we are lucky to have a club historian with a wealth of knowledge and other book authors that can perhaps provide information.

"We have a massive archive photograph file on our website, and a few years ago we put together the history wall which tells the story and in our committee room we have medals, trophies and momento’s spanning back to the early days.

"It will be very much like a 'who’s who', people giving their short story on their own input or experience or on events that happened."

The club have already met Eddie Gemmell and his partner Taylor McInroy, and they are convinced their crew can pull the films together, but they need the story.

The spokesperson added: "To go forward we need some volunteers - in fact if no-one comes forward the project will not get off the ground."

These volunteers would likely be split into sub-committees for each 25-year period and would have the job of researching and setting up interviews for these time frames.

It is hoped that the film can be completed for June, to coincide with the end of their 125th anniversary celebrations.

Those interested in volunteering their time should contact club general manager Brian Lamb on 07893 146391.