DINERS at an Irvine restaurant have written their names into the venue's history books.

The Niche Restaurant in Irvine has been running a two for one offer on their burgers every Tuesday since it opened around six years ago.

Though yesterday, four boys entered the restaurant and set themselves a challenge never seen before by staff in all that time.

Taking full advantage of the deal, which runs from 12-9pm every week, Taylor, Mikey, Rhys and Jack decided they would get two burgers each.

Staff were so amazed that anyone would try this that they decided to document their efforts.

And much to their surprise, only 35 minutes later, they returned to their table to see all eight plates had been devoured.

The boys outstanding effort saw them eat an impressive six beef patties, eight chicken breasts and eight sets of loaded fries in total - and what The Niche described as "breed fur days".

An astounded restaurant general manager Kenny, who has worked in the role for three years, spoke to the Times about the group's daredevil dining.

He said: "Anyone that comes to The Niche knows the portion sizes that we do.

"People usually struggle to finish one, never mind two each!"

Though Kenny said that the staff, who are familiar with the four boys, can perhaps take some credit.

"Even if they were struggling I'm sure they would have battled through just because of the sheer pressure," he added.

It wasn't just staff that were impressed either, with hundreds of locals reacting to the restaurant's social media post about the boys taking on the challenge.

One commenter also said in jest that "they must have room for dessert".

Though almost unbelievably, Kenny confirmed: "They went to Vanilla Joes after it as well"!

A very impressive effort indeed! Does anyone else feel up to the task?

You can contact The Niche Restaurant on 01294 683107 and book in for their next burger Tuesday to find out...