THERE is a heightened police presence around Stewarton Academy today (February 2) amid growing anti-social behaviour fears.

However, East Ayrshire Council has confirmed that no incident has taken place.

The council issued a message to parents and carers of pupils at the school after a visible increase in the number of police in the area around the school.

They added that CCTV presence has also been heightened around the secondary school.

In their statement, the reasoning for this was given as "intelligence" received by the council - leading them to believe that "anti-social behaviour" may take place in the area.

Despite the concerns, police did not advise that pupils should remain within the school during lunchtime.

The statement by East Ayrshire Council to parents and carers read: "Intelligence was received today in respect to possible anti-social behaviour around Stewarton Academy.

"Contact was made with East Ayrshire educational service, then involving police and partner services.

"In response, there has been a heightened visible police and CCTV presence around the schools and local community, as well as enhanced monitoring in other areas of the council and we can confirm that, at this time, no incident has taken place.

"Police advice does not indicate a requirement for young people to have to remain in the school grounds at lunchtime."