An Irvine man has launched a charity to make martial arts more financially accessible by providing uniforms to those in need.

After years of experience in martial arts and with the help of his partner Rasa, Matthew Law was inspired to create the Glasgow-based non-profit Geez a Gi which looks to supply people across Scotland with gis to keep more practicing the sport.

However, to be able to give away gis the charity needs to build up membership and sponsors before things kick off for the first round of funding applications this summer.

Matthew said: “I have been in martial arts for about 18 years – I used to run clubs in Glasgow but then I spread out and moved down to London.

“I saw that when I was coaching a lot of the retention problems, not just with kids but with adults as well, was the cost that’s involved in it.

“There is a lot of cost not just in the uniforms but in the memberships, the insurance, and the actual club fees so it can be quite expensive.

“Right now, we’re trying to build a membership base and just a couple of members and fundraisers in – sponsorships, donations – so that we can hopefully launch our first applications for the summer.”

Members of the charity will receive a free gift, a newsletter, the ability to vote in annual general meetings and the ability to run for a position on the board.

Those who sign up and donate £20 or more before or on March 8 will receive an ‘original members’ certificate.

Applications for Gis are not available yet but will open on the Geez a Gi website in the coming months.

He added: “With the cost-living-crisis it’s not just going to be parents with kids, it could be adults who’ve practiced or are looking to practice.”

The board is made up of Chairman Matthew Law, Treasurer Rasa Kilikeviciute, Secretary Joan Law, and England Ambassador Alan Ball.

With just a small team of people behind what hopes to be a big operation, Matthew hopes more people will be encouraged to take up memberships to help the charity make the sport available to everyone.

Geez a Gi is always accepting donations of gis which they will either repurpose or exchange for money which will be used as a donation.

The charity was first registered with OSCR [Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator] on November 27 and is also recognised by the English Charity Commission.

To become a member and to find out more about Geez a Gi visit their website: