AN IRVINE couple have launched a fundraiser in a desperate bid to help fund a 'life changing' purchase for their son.

Logan Lusk was born with an upper limb difference, meaning he was born without a fully developed hand.

While he has not let this hold him back in life, his parents Gareth and Aileen say that the now nine-year-old is becoming more self-conscious about it.

The gofundme page (available here) explained:"Despite this challenge, Logan has always faced life with determination and a positive attitude.

"He has grown to understand that his physical difference should not hold him back, but unfortunately, there are limitations.

"There are activities that he either cannot participate completely in or some at least to a limited capacity.

"Even everyday things that kids with two hands wouldn’t need to think about like zipping up a jacket, making a sandwich, pouring a drink, or even opening a door while carrying something requires additional thought and modification to how that action is carried out."

They continued: "As he has gotten older, he has become more aware of his limb difference, and he tries to hide it.

"The emotional impact of being different from his friends and other children hits him harder now more than ever.

"As a result, his confidence in trying new things and meeting other children, that do not know about his limb difference, has been impacted."

That is why the pair launched their gofundme campaign, hoping they can make a life-changing purchase for their son.

They want to get Logan 'The Hero Arm' - a highly advanced and customisable bionic arm designed by Open Bionics, based in Bristol.

The couple added: "This bionic arm would provide Logan with greater independence and confidence but at this time, due to the cost involved, it is something is currently not feasible within the next one to two years.

"It is very difficult to fully express the emotions we, as Logan's parents, feel to see him struggle with everyday tasks and the hope that a device like that Hero Arm would bring as it would change Logan's life overnight."

Gareth and Aileen are looking to raise £15,000 to purchase the life changing 'Hero Arm' for Logan.

And already, the local community are working hard to support the Irvine kid.

At the time of writing, their gofundme page had already raised an amazing £1,710 towards their goal.

And two local groups, and a member of staff from an Irvine school, have already put plans in place to support the fundraising efforts.

Fit Ayrshire Dads (FADs) and Fit Ayrshire Masses (FAMs) have revealed that, on Saturday April 1 and Sunday April 2, they will come together to complete a mammoth walking effort - completing this while launching the hashtag - #ForLogan.

On these two days, the group's members will look to cover distance amassing to 382 miles - the distance from Irvine to Bristol which Logan would be travelling to get his bionic arm.

They have also set an ambitious stretch target of 764 miles - the distance to Bristol and back to Irvine.

This weekend of fundraising will be headlined by a '5k Big Walk n Talk #ForLogan', with all miles covered added to the above total, at 1pm from the Big Idea bridge at Irvine harbour.

Logan and his family will be in attendance at this and are hoping everyone who can will make a donation of whatever they can afford and reach out to their friends and families too for donations.

Additionally, a classroom assistant from Glebe Primary School is going to push themselves to the limits #ForLogan.

They are going to physically cycle from Irvine to Bristol - and will soon be issuing a sponsor sheet ahead of their journey - on Saturday April 1.

Having only started fundraising earlier this month, Logan's dad Gareth says he is simply overwhelmed by the support of the community so far.

He commented: "Just wanted to say a huge thank you to those that have contributed to the crowdfunding efforts.

"We have been really taken a back by the response and I have been left genuinely lost for words."

For more information, or to make a donation, visit