WHO hasn't watched a TV game show and thought - 'I could do that'.

Well Ayrshire business owner Alan Campbell got to test that theory on ITV's hit show 'The Chase'.

Interestingly, it was Alan's second TV show appearance, after he and his wife featured on Bargain Hunt some three years ago.

Alan, who lived in Kilwinning when the show was filmed, featured in the popular quiz show on Monday, February 13.

And we spoke to the piano tuner after the show aired, to ask all about the his time on the screen.

It was a long process, which began nearly 18 months ago when Alan first applied to the production company who help put the show together for ITV.

From here, he was selected for the 'next stage' and had to answer 40 questions over the phone.

Again he progressed further in the audition process - and was invited to zoom auditions with nine others in call along with three producers. This lasted about two hours and was combination of talking about yourself and answering questions/playing a game similar to The Chase.

After hearing little after this, six months later he was contacted once more, answering 40 questions over the phone once again.

Many months, and several auditions later - Alan was invited to London to feature on the show.

Irvine Times: Alan at the studios in London.Alan at the studios in London. (Image: Alan Campbell)

So, some four months later, he travelled down to be questioned by Bradley Walsh for the hit TV show - giving a performance to be proud of.

It is also fair to say he and the host got along well!

Alan commented: "He spoke to me for a good five minutes, though on the programme it was cut down to about a minute.

“It was really good to have a chat and that put everyone at ease."

Alan spoke to him about his 30 years tuning pianos, including for some famous artists such as Colplay, Guns and Roses and, much to the interest of Bradley Walsh, Tony Bennett.

Irvine Times: Alan's career as a piano tuner certainly interested Bradley Walsh.Alan's career as a piano tuner certainly interested Bradley Walsh. (Image: Alan Campbell)

Moving onto his cash builder, Alan performed impressively, answering eight questions correctly and earning £8,000.

He then moved onto his head to head with chaser, and former contestant in the show, Darragh 'The Menace' Ennis.

He was the final of the four contestants to complete this stage - with only one of his teammates, Fey, having earned their spot in 'the final chase'.

Alan said: “I did really well, I managed to get back with Darragh three steps behind me.

“I went for the middle amount, which is what I won, because by the time we got to me we had already lost two of our team.

“I didn’t really think I could go for the high one in case I bombed out – and I certainly didn’t want to go for the lower one.”

So Alan, along with Fey, moved into the final chase, where they battled it out with Darragh to win £12,000 in total.

He hoped to win his share of the cash, and purchase a cherry red Gibson guitar - which he would use for his own music career, playing in gigs across Ayrshire with his band (which he is lead vocalist and guitarist for) 'Pulse' and as a solo performer.

But as Alan explained: “Unfortunately we kind of bombed out.

“When there’s only two of you, you want to try get through as many questions as possible and I probably jumped in a wee bit more than I should have done.

“That was the most nerve wracking part of it – I think if I had been on my own or there had been more contestants I would have felt more relaxed about sitting back and relaxing to answer the questions.”

Despite this disappointment, Alan still takes away great memories from the show - and a commemorative 'water cup'.

He commented: “Overall, it was a great experience, and I can’t talk highly enough about the production staff – they really took care of us.

“And Bradley was really great, he was really hospitable and really interested in what we all did.”

And Alan also took the time to inform us of some 'secrets' or behind the scenes knowledge, of the show.

He explained how there is actually a question adjudicator at filming - and that most of the music is actually added post production.

While he confirmed that he was asked to keep his result a secret, with the exception of telling family, until the show aired.

However, "I kept it to myself for four months, and as each week gone past – I’m forgetting what exactly happened, it was a surprise to me when I watched it as well," Alan explained.

“I just wanted it to be an experience for everyone else."

We can confirm, it certainly made for an exciting watch!