A rising young artist from Irvine has debuted his first collection in Irvine’s Harbour Arts Centre.

Steele McTurk, aged just 17 and currently in his sixth year at Greenwood Academy, launched his Power of Paint exhibition on Saturday February 18.

The display showcases a range of works that explore how art and criticism affect mental health.

Steele said: “In my exhibition, ‘The Power of Paint’, I am looking into the effects of art and how it can influence our wellbeing.

“More specifically, my paintings explore how art has the ability to change someone’s feelings or perspective on mental health.

“I am also keen on exploring how criticism can impact other artists, especially when it can become too harsh.

“This area of understanding is extremely relevant to everyone as it can also influence how people cope with criticism in their professional or personal lives.

“By showcasing my work, I hope to bring light to others and encourage them to create for themselves, do what they love and inspire everyone who comes along to not worry about what other people have to say.”

Steele is pursuing a bachelorette in expressive arts having studied advanced higher art a year early.

The young artist has big dreams for the future as he plans to go on to study at art school and hopes to one day make art his full-time job.

He added: “I am always painting and enjoy sharing my work on various social media platforms.

“My plan for the future is going to art school to develop my practice, learn new techniques and gain a greater knowledge.

“Having the exhibition at the HAC is an exciting next step in my journey – I really hope everyone enjoys visiting it and takes something positive away from it.

“I am excited for the future to see where my art will take me next.”

Entry to the exhibition is free and it will be on display until March 25.

Visitors are advised to call the HAC on 01294 274059 ahead of their trip to check opening times.

To keep up with Steele’s art and future projects, check out his Facebook page at www.tinyurl.com/facebooksteelemcturkart and follow him on Instagram here www.instagram.com/steelemcturk_art.