An historic Irvine organisation saw “huge success” with their annual Valentine’s Dance fundraiser as members enjoyed a “first class” evening.

Irvine Incorporated Trades held this year’s dance – their first since the onset of Covid-19 in 2020 - at Irvine Winton Bowling Club.

Members were eager to return to their festivities as tickets sold out in just a few days.

Halberdier Jim McCartan won a gallon bottle of whisky at the raffle but unfortunately was unable to attend the party, picking up his prize a few days later.

Deacon of the Weavers, Jim McKelvie, said: “It was great to get back to business again.

“The dance was a huge success, with tickets selling out in a matter of days, and the purvey on the night proving to be first class.

“Glad to present Jim McCartan with the big prize. He does sterling work as our halberdier and always looks the part at official functions.”

First formed in 1646, the guild comprises of members of seven traditional crafts: hammermen (smiths), weavers, tailors, cordiners, skinners, wights, and coopers.

The head of each craft is elected by the members and is referred to as a ‘Deacon’.

Historically, the body served to regulate trading but as of 1847 – when Scottish guilds had their trading privileges taken away – the group has functioned as a social club and as a way of honouring tradition and a piece of Irvine’s history.