PLANS have been approved for the development of 30 new homes next to Irvine's Maritime Museum.

The Gottries Road site - at the former Jewson builder's merchant yard - will comprise two four-storey blocks with 12 flats each, along with six family houses.

Building firm Ashleigh submitted revised proposals in December and North Ayrshire Council's planning department gave the application the green light at the end of February.

A previous application for 28 units within five blocks was withdrawn last May after concerns were raised over noise from the nearby Ardagh Glass factory.

Irvine Times: The site will feature two four-storey blocks of flatsThe site will feature two four-storey blocks of flats

Jewson's closed several years ago and the site was cleared of all redundant buildings and items of plant during 2022.

The new housing is to be developed for rental through a registered social landlord.

The council's environmental health team previously said they had “serious reservations about the suitability of the site for a residential development” given its close proximity to the nearby industrial premises.

According to the re-submitted plans, the existing access road off Harbour Road will be removed and a new access road will be formed from Gottries Road.

Irvine Times: Planning permission has now been grantedPlanning permission has now been granted

The site layout has been amended to address the earlier concerns, and an updated design and access statement said: "This allowed the flats positioned nearest the boundary to Ardagh Glass to have less windows into habitable rooms and therefore assist with the noise deflection, together with mechanical ventilation proposed and acoustic fences this satisfied all parties.

"The flatted blocks have been relocated to the southern side of the site to provide additional shielding to the rest of the development from the relevant noise sources."