AN experienced Irvine nursery worker has been struck off the care register for putting a young child at risk of physical harm - just months after being warned over similar conduct.

Violet Paterson was found to have put her hands around a six-year-old girl's lower arms, pushed the child against a wall and shouted at her while employed as an early years practitioner at St John Ogilvie Primary in Bourtreehill last October.

A Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) hearing found her fitness to practise is impaired as a result of the behaviour, which was considered "at its highest" as "abusive and raises significant attitudinal and values issues".

A report said that Ms Paterson was "very experienced" within her role, having been employed in the social services sector for 22 years at the time of the incident, and she "should have known that to act in such a manner was wholly inappropriate".

Ms Paterson had a two-year warning placed on her registration last July in relation to two incidents dating back to 2019.

The Times previously reported that, according to the SSSC, she held one child by the arm and shouted in their face in response to them hitting her on the arm.

She also grabbed another child's wrist, pulling them in close to her, grabbed their face and shouted "you have to listen", or words to that effect.

Both of those incidents occurred while Ms Paterson was employed as an early years practitioner by North Ayrshire Council at St Mark's Primary School nursery class in Irvine.

At the time, the SSSC said the fact these incidents took place on two separate dates was "indicative of a pattern of behaviour".

Regarding the latest episode of misconduct, that happened on or around October 7, 2022, the SSSC report said: "Your actions demonstrate a complete loss of self-control in response to the child displaying challenging behaviour.

"Your behaviour caused the child to suffer emotional harm and put her at risk of physical harm.

"As a result of your actions, the child may be fearful to engage or interact with other staff members in the future."

The report found that Ms Paterson has "demonstrated no awareness or insight into the impact" her actions had on the child in question, nor does she "appear to accept or take responsibility" for her actions.

It added: "You were previously subject to a fitness to practise investigation, resulting in a two-year warning being imposed on your registration on July 7, 2022.

"This behaviour occurred three months after the warning was imposed on your registration.

"There is therefore a very real concern in relation to your attitude and values, and that similar behaviour could be repeated again in the future, placing other children at risk of harm."

The notice of removal from the SSSC register came into effect on March 4.