DRIVERS travelling through Kilwinning will soon see a significant change to how one of the town's busiest sets of traffic lights operate.

But frustrated road users have warned that is a change which could cause "a lot of accidents".

The change in question will see the four way traffic lights at Kilwinning railway station operate in a slightly adjusted sequence.

The lights currently cover four directions - Townhead towards Byres Road, Townhead towards Stevenston Road, the railway station, and Pennyburn Road.

While traffic would typically be given the green light simultaneously for both directions from Townhead, both Pennyburn Road and the railway station sides are given individual 'green lights'.

However, this single lane priority is to be removed - meaning both exits will be given the go ahead at the same time.

It was a change which was seen briefly, from Saturday March 4 until this morning, March 8, following the completion of works at the lights.

The works were carried out by Amey, who own the lights, as part of a North Ayrshire Council contract.

The move is part of a wider 'bus priority traffic lights work' programme which aims to get buses through the local area more efficiently.

The sequence was returned to "normal" earlier today after road users vented their frustration.

This was, in part, due to a lack of advanced signage warning drivers of the change.

But it does not mean that the change has been halted - only delayed until signage is added showing a change to the priorities.

Kilwinning Labour councillor Donald Reid confirmed that once the signs have been erected, "the change will take place and be carefully monitored and reviewed".

However, a number of frustrated road users have branded the change as "bonkers".

One frustrated driver commented: "I was coming out Pennyburn Road to turn to Kilwinning town and a car came speeding up from the station and went right through, nearly smashing my car yesterday.

"Why change the flow of these lights after around 40 years? Going to cause a lot of accidents."

Another warned: "Someone is going to get killed. There was nothing wrong with the sequence, so why change?

"Town is tailed back as it is without having to wait for accidents to be cleared away."