AN IRVINE man has told of how he can once again enjoy family dinner at the table thanks to a generous donation.

Ian Welsh, who has terminal cancer, has benefitted from the donation of two specialist wheelchairs to the Ayrshire Hospice.

These were delivered to the charity thanks to the wonderful fundraising efforts of one of their 'Ladies Lunch Clubs'.

The Ladies Lunch (South Group), who meet at the Horizon Hotel in Ayr once a month, purchased these two new specialised wheelchairs to support patients with MND - though these can also benefit cancer patients.

Irvine Times: The chairs were purchased for the Ayrshire Hospice thanks to the Ladies Lunch Club (South Group).The chairs were purchased for the Ayrshire Hospice thanks to the Ladies Lunch Club (South Group). (Image: Ayrshire Hospice)

These chairs provide a lot more support for people than a standard wheelchair.

They recline and tilt and the leg supports can also be raised which, all in, allows people who do not have good sitting balance, have pain, swollen limbs or are fatigued to still enjoy being up and able to move about.

And for Irvine resident Ian, who is the first beneficiary of one of these wheelchairs, the impact this has had on him has been life-changing.

He commented: “It made a whole difference to my day, being able to sit up and be pushed around.

“It’s very comfortable and allowed me to have dinner at the table with my family which was something I was no longer able to do.”

The Ayrshire Hospice further emphasised just how much benefit these wheelchairs can have.

Heather Hardie, Ayrshire Hospice Lead Practitioner Community and Living Well said: “I want to thank the Ladies Lunch Club for purchasing these chairs for use in the Hospice, they’ll be a massive benefit to our patients.

“These chairs can have a considerable benefit for someone living who may otherwise be restricted to a bed or recliner chair and have allowed people to get outside, to shops and to family events when they otherwise would not be able to.”

And the Ladies Lunch Club added that they were more than happy to help.

Susan Kendall, Ladies Lunch Club (South Group), committee chair, added: “When we heard that two MND chairs were on the Hospice wish list we were pleased to be able to fund them - this is the reason the club exists, to help with extras which will help the patients and their families.

“The committee was delighted to learn the new chairs were supplied so quickly and we are sure that they will be of great benefit to patients in the Hospice.”