Fishing fans from Irvine are looking to catch support through a council fund to replace a vital facility.

Irvine and District Angling Club is based in the middle of the town and provides members with the opportunity to go fishing right on their doorstep.

The group encourages younger members and works with local organisations to offer this facility as a place for recreational fishing activities.

And they have contacted the Irvine locality partnership seeking support to secure £33,000 as they aim to replace the disabled angling platform.

There used to be a timber platform on the bank of the River Irvine, at Tarryholme, but it was beyond repair and North Ayrshire Council (NAC) moved the facility due to its poor condition.

NAC had hoped to provide them with a replacement platform earlier this year, but the tender came back at £23,500.

Angling club representatives met up with elected members and NAC departments and it was agreed that, as a community group, they explored the possibility of accessing the community investment fund (CIF).

They are also requesting funding to enable them to purchase materials for angling equipment which would help members support families who have no equipment.

Members could also help with teaching people across the community and hope, with the help of the locality partnership, they could fund up to 30 memberships per year.

They also have responsibility for strimming back footpaths and river banks and rely on volunteers to carry out these tasks, with a need to update some of the tools to enable them to maintain and keep river banks clear and safe.

The club will come back with a full application at the next locality partnership meeting.