Stewarton Drama Group will show a double billing of two comedies for their biggest production in over three years.

Audience favourites ‘Excess Baggage’ and ‘The Untimely Outing of Minty McGraw’ will be shown in the Stewarton Area Centre on Thursday June 1 and Friday June 2 respectively.

The productions come as part of the ‘Two Cracking Comedies’ billing which celebrates the group’s long-awaited comeback to the 200-seater theatre.

A club representative said: “The first play is a special 10-year anniversary production of one of our most successful multi-award-winning plays, Excess Baggage.

“Set in the Secret Sanctuary Health and Beauty Spa, the play zooms in on four women, each carrying different kinds of baggage which they hope to offload.

“As the comedy and tensions build, there are also touching moments, some home truths, and ultimately some strong female bonding.

“The second play is the black comedy The Untimely Outing of Minty McGraw.

“In this play, Minty McGraw and a clutch of colourful characters meet up in an attempt to heal differences in a broken family – and where better to do this, than at a wedding reception?”

Both plays were written and directed by local theatremaker Nancy McPherson.

While the group has been performing shows over the past several years they have been held in the group’s practice space due to the pandemic.

A raffle will be held during the shows with proceeds going towards Ayrshire Hospice.

Tickets cost £8 and can be bought here: