A NEW hair and beauty salon could soon be on its way to Springside - despite concerns that it might cause further road safety problems in the area.

North Ayrshire Council's planning department has granted permission for applicant Steven Quinn to develop an additional commercial unit next to his current convenience store on the village's Main Road.

Quinn's Wee Shop has occupied the site for several years and was expanded over a decade ago, while planning permission was granted last year for the erection of an extension, work on which is now well under way.

The proposals for the new unit, on vacant land to the east of the current shop, were approved this week after one public objection was received.

The comment read: "The previous extension to the shop and additional unit currently [in] situe at this address, has increased and caused severe road safety issues, with increased traffic - cars/work vans/lorries/trucks and agricultural vehicles - parking up both sides of the road.

"[This is] causing great difficulty for people trying to cross the road and also through traffic.

"This will only increase with an additional unit.

"Cars, trucks, lorries, agricultural vehicles and vans are being parked in front of driveways, making this difficult and dangerous to access or exit your property/driveways.

"When trying to get onto the road from driveways, visibility is poor due to vans, lorries etc being parked up both sides of [the] road and on pavements.

"Residents' motors have been damaged and written off."

A council report on the decision to approve the plans stated that three off-street parking spaces would be provided as part of the proposed development and "existing on-street parking arrangements are outwith the scope" of the proposals.

The report added: "The proposed floor space of 60 square metres is not significant, and would have no material impact on the nearest defined town centre (Irvine).

"The land is vacant and would benefit from a small commercial development for the convenience of Springside residents, supporting local employment and adding further to the range of facilities available locally."