TRIBUTES have been paid to a much loved Irvine man who "would do anything for anybody" following his sad passing.

Joseph Mullen, better known as Jojo, was found dead on Sunday, March 12, aged just 28.

It followed a near decade long battle with epilepsy, which he was diagnosed with at 20-years-old.

A fundraiser has now been launched in a bid to support his loved ones as they organise his funeral.

Jojo is survived by his three younger siblings Cassie, William and Rebecca as well as his fiance, Alana Harrison.

Cassie - speaking on behalf of his siblings - and Alana spoke to the Times to pay tribute to the much loved Jojo.

Cassie told of the tough times Jojo had growing up, including the passing of both his parents, and how he fought through these challenges.

She said: “He didn’t have a great life and we had a really hard upbringing.

“Jojo was more than a brother to me and William, he was the only person we had.

“He would make sure we were fed and clothed, even at the age of 18 and 15 years-old.

“He would do the school runs. He would only go to school when he knew we were in class, he was always getting into trouble for being late to school because he took us first.

“And he always fought for his younger sister Rebecca, who was adopted, but he reunited with her when she was 12.

“He loved his siblings so much, we all had each other, it didn’t matter where we were in the world, he would make sure he was there if we needed him."

Cassie also explained the lengths Jojo would go to as he supported his siblings.

She added: “I was once stranded in Edinburgh and Jojo found me even though he’s from Irvine and he’s never been there before – that’s how much he cared no matter what situation we were in.

“He was always there and always will be loved.”

Jojo's fiance Alana was with him for six years before his passing, though knew him through her childhood as a primary school friend of her brothers.

She was by Jojo's side as she "fought for him and fought right to the end" in his battle with epilepsy.

Alana noted the impacts this had on her partner, as he had to give up his passions such as fishing and dirt bikes due to fears for his safety.

Though this did not stop Jojo giving Alana "the best six years" of her life - and with a fundraiser having been launched to support his family with funeral costs - she is hoping to give her late fiance the best send off possible.

She commented: “He’s gave me the best six years of my life so we are trying to do everything to give him the best send off, which he deserves.

“He was always there for everybody else, it didn’t matter if he wasn’t feeling well, he would always get up to help, that’s just the kind of person he was.

“He was just amazing, he would do anything for anybody.

“We’re so grateful for everybody’s support and donations. It’s so overwhelming.”

The gofundme to support Jojo's funeral costs was only put online on Wednesday, March 15.

After little over 24 hours, around £4,000 has already been donated to support his family.

For those interested in donating to this cause, the go fund me can be found at

Friends from through the years have also started a kitty to raise funds for Jojo.

And Alana says they plan to give back to Epilepsy Connections, after their support worker Heather helped Jojo so much throughout the years.

She says she wants to try organise a charity football match for them “because there’s not enough help there for epileptic people”. Anyone who believes they can help in this is invited to reach out.

Friends will also have the chance to pay tribute to Jojo tomorrow, Saturday March 18, when a balloon release will be held in his memory.

This will take place at 4pm at the beach park boating pond at Irvine Harbour - with all in attendance encourage to bring red, white and blue balloons to release.