More details have been revealed as Karen's Diner gets ready to visit Ayrshire next month.

The famous rude restaurant, which has been a hit in Australia, America and recently in England, is bringing the unique experience to Ayr as part of a pop-up tour.

The diner will come to Central Park, Ayr on Boswell Road from April 28 to 30, with the business promising an experience like no other.

Karen's team have set out some groud rules about their visit, which are as follows:

Do I need to book?

Obviously you need to book. One ticket per person.


Are kids allowed?

Yes, they're allowed. Preferably before 5PM and keep them under control. If one starts screeching, manage the noise or leave. Oh, and if you're worried about us being nice to them you're probably better off staying home.


Can I book for a group?

There's nothing we love more than a BUNCH of Karen's. We don't offer group discounts (who do you think you are..) so just make your booking online like everyone else.


Do you cater for dietary requirements?

Karen does, but she's not happy about it. If your name is Karen and you are ordering a vegan burger, you must be a brave, brave woman (that or stupid..) All eyes are on you.

Bookings can be made online here.