Officials say they are “delighted” with the Ayrshire Growth Deal’s progress as their second annual report is published.

The report details the work that has been done between October 2021 and September 2022 with key projects like the Digital Process Manufacturing Centre in Irvine's i3 Enterprise Area and the Aerospace/Space Programme in Prestwick seeing development.

Despite the progress, the report also acknowledges challenges such as the cost-of-living crisis, the Ukraine war, and the economic effects of Brexit and the pandemic.

Councillor Martin Dowey, chair of the Ayrshire economic joint committee, said: “Since signing the Deal in 2020 it is fair to say we have entered uncharted economic territory with so many challenges placed upon us at the same time.

“We’ve had the challenges of the global economy, the war in Ukraine and the legacy of both the Covid pandemic and Brexit so we are working in an environment of uncertainty.

“We have had to re-evaluate some of our time frames and budgets but believe we are plotting an exciting path forward.

“The annual report shines a spotlight on the excellent work being carried out and we are delighted with the progress being made.”

The Digital Process Manufacturing Centre will benefit from £21 million to improve the life science facilities.

The report confirmed that the Space/ Aerospace Programme would receive a £80 million investment with the research and development site expected to create 575 jobs.

£10.5 million has also been reserved for the construction of an Ardrossan based International Marine Science and Environmental Centre.

£14 million has been invested into improving tourism at Irvine Harbourside and Ardeer peninsula through plans such as the ‘Great Harbour’ project which will see three new hubs built along Irvine’s Harbourside.

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The £251 million deal was put into place in 2020 after four years of planning and is a collaborative effort between the Scottish and UK governments alongside Ayrshire’s councils to make the area a better location for businesses.

The Community Wealth Building programme was also launched to help local businesses and has helped around 500 companies so far.

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