A YOUNG driver who was clocked going almost three times the speed limit less than a year after getting his licence has been told it was "only a matter of good luck" that he didn't kill anyone.

Twenty-year-old Calaghan Miller-Mcewan was given a dressing down at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court after pleading guilty to a charge of dangerous driving.

He was caught by police travelling at 86mph in a 30mph zone on Ayr Road in Irvine, near to Shewalton Road, on March 11 last year - just 10 months after passing his driving test.

Miller-Mcewan admitted driving at grossly excessive speeds for the road and the wet weather conditions at the time.

At last week's hearing, defence solicitor Laura Finnigan told the court that Miller-Mcewan had been at Ayr beach park with friends and was in his car with one other fiend at the time of the incident.

He was spotted by officers on patrol in the area carrying out static speed checks.

Ms Finnigan said: "He accepts that it was dangerous and that he did drive recklessly.

"He said it was incredibly stupid.

"It could've caused a very serious accident; it could've caused a fatality.

"He is regretful of his actions."

Imposing a fine and driving ban on Miller-Mcewan - who is due to start employment in May working off-shore - Sheriff Alistair Watson told him that his first pay packet will go towards the financial penalty.

Sheriff Watson said: "To drive at that speed through Irvine is the height of dangerousness.

"It is just a matter of good luck that no injuries occurred, you didn't kill your passenger, yourself or an innocent pedestrian.

"You are just gambling with people's lives."

Miller-Mcewan, of Caaf Water Place in Saltcoats, was fined £520, payable by June 30, and disqualified for 12 months.

He will also have to sit an extended driving test to regain his licence.