A KILWINNING takeaway have certainly raised a few eyebrows with their latest food combination.

Earlier this week, Seymour Store and Takeaway in Seymour Avenue in the town shared their latest and strangest creation.

The grocery shop come takeaway have recently began offering a chocolate and curry combination - sharing images of the dish on their social media page.

Irvine Times: Seymour Store and Takeaway's 'chocolate and curry combo'Seymour Store and Takeaway's 'chocolate and curry combo' (Image: Seymour Store and Takeaway)

Customers can try the intriguing snack, which appears to use a classic curry sauce and KitKat chocolate, for only £1.50.

And shop owner Tony Fuggle seems to think those willing to give it a go may be pleasantly surprised.

He commented: "Don’t knock till you have tried it, honestly it’s weirdly good, I wasn’t sure till I tried it but it's amazing."

And others were sold on the recommendation, agreeing it was a "very strange combo" but that they would "give it a bash".

They it's safe to say not everyone agreed, with one local simply saying "no chance would I try that" after a friend tagged them in the post.