AN IRVINE woman fears it is only a matter of time until a dangerous town car park leaves someone seriously injured.

The local, who wished to remain anonymous, made the claims after having a fall of her own in the car park on East Road.

She said that the North Ayrshire Council (NAC) owned car park "has very large potholes and uneven paving" meaning it is a hazard to those who use it.

The facility in question is located next to the Irvine Cadet Centre on East Road - which contains more than one car park.

When she brought her concerns to this Times, she revealed this was far from a 'new' issue. In reality, it was one which has been going on for some time.

She explained: "I fell on January 11, injuring my left ankle, right knee, left arm and elbow.

"I emailed North Ayrshire council to advise them of the condition on the road and was advised they would look into it.

"On Saturday (March 12) I parked in East Road car park and was shocked to see the area was worse, with absolutely no repair.

"Bearing in mind I sustained an injury on January 11 and reported this I’m shocked that nothing has been done."

This led her to take her enquires further, to get to the bottom of what she felt was becoming a worrying issue.

Irvine Times: Some of the concerning areas of the car park.Some of the concerning areas of the car park. (Image: Submitted)

She continued: "I emailed NAC to receive a reply telling me that NAC do not own the car park, which I believed be untrue, so replied back asking them to advise who owned the area as their original reply from March stated that they would look into it.

"Their next reply said they would pass this on to the roads department.

"Two months down the line with no repair - I'm more concerned that someone falls and seriously injured themselves. What if someone aged falls and seriously hurts themselves?

"I’m also a bit disgruntled that I’ve reported the issue in January and in March it’s still the same especially after my pride, ankle and knee were hurt."

The Times approached North Ayrshire Council with these concerns - which they say are now being addressed.

They put the lack of action thus far down to "confusion".

A council spokesperson said: “Our Roads service was initially alerted about the issue on March 14, 2023.

“Following investigation, we are making preparations for repairs and we anticipate this work will be carried out in April.

“We thank the resident for contacting us about this issue and apologise for any initial confusion.”