DREGHORN Gala is set to return next month - a full 14 years after the last event was held.

For many years, the celebration was a big part of life in Dreghorn, with a traditonal week of events leading up to a wonderful gala day.

Unfortunately the gala was disbanded in 2009 due to unforseen circumstances, which was a real shame for the community. 

Fast forward to the present day and a new gala committee has been fighting to revive the big event. 

A committee spokesperson told the Times: "We are trying to get the word out there to reignite the spirit, cheer and joy in our little town bringing neighbours together once again as friends.

"To give our town the chance to make great memories and enjoy a spectacular week of events ending on the grand day of the gala itself filled with treats, parades, stalls and much much more. 

"We are hoping to enhance the excitement and spread the word of the gala day finally returning on June 17 this year with lots of fun things planned the week leading up and the actual day itself."

Watch this space for more on the big event's return.