THREE men have appeared in court in connection with an incident in Kilwinning when one allegedly tried to drive a car at a pedestrian – while another allegedly brandished a chainsaw.

Kyle More, 25, Michael Fisher, 32, and 21-year-old David Maxwell face a variety of charges relating to an alleged incident in the town’s Innerwood Road on November 12, 2021.

It’s claimed that Mr Maxwell assaulted the complainer to the danger of his life after allegedly trying to hit him with his car.

He faces an alternative charge of driving dangerously by reversing on to a pavement at speed, forcing pedestrians to take evasive action.

All three men face a charge of threatening or abusive behaviour by shouting, swearing and acting in an aggressive manner while acting with others.

It’s alleged that all three made threats of violence and that one of them brandished a chainsaw and struck a front door with it.

Mr More also faces charges of possessing an offensive weapon – namely a chainsaw – and of breaching an anti-social behaviour order which prohibiting from making any threats or committing any acts of violence anywhere in the North Strathclyde sheriffdom.

The charge alleges that he breached the order by shouting, swearing, behaving aggressively and threatening another person with the chainsaw.

Mr Fisher faces a further charge alleging that he breached a bail order by not being at home between 8pm an 8am on January 26, 2022, having allegedly failed to appear at the door for a police check.

The trio – of Ardoch Crescent, Fullarton Place and Burnlea Place in Stevenston respectively – pleaded not guilty to all the charges.

Bail was continued; the trio will be required to return to court for further pre-trial hearings after Sheriff Murdoch MacTaggart turned down defence requests to excuse the trio’s attendance.