Pop stars, pizza and a UEFA Cup final all made the Irvine Times headlines in May 2003.

Who can you spot in these pictures...

Irvine Times: Donna Morrison meets pop star Malachi

FAME Academy star Malachi Cush dropped into Irvine to teach a music masterclass at Greenwood Academy.

The visit, which was being recorded for BBC Radio Scotland, came about after English and Media Studies teacher Paula Brannan applied for a radio station to be built in the school.

Greenwood missed out, but were thrilled when the station called and asked them to take part in their Class Act series.

Pictured above, Greenwood Academy pupil Donna Morrison was the envy of her pals when she got to sit on Malachi’s knee.

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Irvine Times: Lawthorn Primary's pizzas were a big hit in 2003

YOUNGSTERS at Lawthorn Primary School got a slice of glory after designing an award-winning pizza.

The school had entered the Schools Enterprise competition to create the delicious treat and work out how to market it and make a profit.

Sports Division tycoon Tom Hunter donated prize money and the lucky winners, from P6 and P7, could now see their pizza on sale in Asda.

The winning pizza - called Five Stones - contained ham, pepperoni, peppers and mushrooms and won the school a trophy and £125. Now there’s no topping that!

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Irvine Times: Celtic fans at the UEFA Cup final in Seville

IRVINE was a quiet place as hundreds of Celtic fans jetted out to Seville for the UEFA Cup Final.

Hoops-daft fans from the Irvine Celtic Supporters Club even bought over an entire plane to get to see their heroes in action.

In the end the brave Celtic players lost 3-2 to Porto, but despite the result the party animals who made the trip admitted the journey was worth every penny.

Secretary Kenny McLeary said: “It was a brilliant trip and everything went to plan.

"Everyone who went had a great time but unfortunately the result didn’t go in our favour.

"Despite that though, we still managed to have a good time.”

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Irvine Times: Dreghorn Primary pupils learn about healthy bodies

DREGHORN Primary pupils were learning all about healthy bodies.

Staff from Asda in Irvine dropped in to speak to pupils in P2 and P2/3 about having a Big Healthy Body.

Julie Cavanagh and Joanne Robertson brought along colourful workbooks for the children to use during the session.

They also brought along examples of products which help keep the body in good working order.

The children enjoyed taking part in the session and having new people to speak to. And they were delighted when the visitors gave them all a free Simpsons watch for being good pupils during the lesson

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

And finally, it was revealed that nearly half of all Ayrshire youngsters smoked - with many puffing away before the age of 12.

And more than a quarter of local teenagers also drank alcohol regularly.

The alarming admissions emerged during the biggest ever survey of the area’s youth.

Described as “crucial new information about the habits and health of Ayrshire’s youth” by the organisers, NHS Ayrshire & Arran, the survey was made up of responses from nearly 1,500 teenagers from across Ayrshire.

Of the young people who responded, all aged between 11 and 16, 44 per cent said they were regular smokers or had tried smoking at some stage. Girls were more likely to start smoking.