The uncertainties of the future can be scary, but rolling the dice and taking a calculated risk can pay off - that’s exactly what local young people have been doing over at Equal Supported Employment’s community hub.

Based at the Trinity Church Annexe in Irvine, Equal is part of the council’s employability programme, called Your Next Move.

The team work with anyone with a disability or a health condition that stops them from achieving their employment goals.

Every Friday afternoon, a group of neurodivergent Equal recruits attend the Top Table club for an action-packed gaming session similar to Dungeons and Dragons.

Recently making a resurgence through shows such as Stranger Things, research has shown that neurodivergent young people particularly benefit from playing the game.

Ross Fitzsimmons,  employability officer, explained: “Everyone in our group has a common interest in gaming so we decided to start our own weekly session of Dungeons & Dragons.

“The game has been around since the 80’s and it’s really enjoyed by neurodivergent players.

"Although many people might think it’s a geeky game for those looking to escape from the real world, it really couldn’t be more the opposite…

“Packed full of transferrable employability skills, it works really well with the neurodivergent as it introduces them to a structured way of socialising.

If you are interested in joining the Top Table gaming group and want to find more, email the team at