BRILLIANT weather at the start of June 2003 saw Irvine and Kilwinning residents flock to galas, school fetes and barbecues.

Who can you spot in these pictures featured in the Times pages on June 4, 2003?

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Irvine Times: James Watt photographers 2003

ARTISTIC media students at James Watt College launched their annual free exhibition at their Kilwinning campus.

The display would again feature a broad range of artwork, digital photography, manipulated imagery and short video commentaries from gifted local students.

Entitled The Cream of Ayrshire, it was hoped the exhibition would promote the wide pool to future employers.

Among the students showcasing their work were Douglas Somerville, 34, from Kilwinning; Stacy McLean, 22, from Irvine; Darren Reid, 35, from Kilwinning; and Heather Gove, 34, from Irvine.

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Irvine Times: The Marymass royal party for 2003

Jennifer Roger was selected to become the 2003 Marymass Queen.

The Greenwood Academy third-year pupil was selected by Irvine Carters Society to be the town’s 75th Marymass Queen.

Jennifer,15, was set to be fitted for her costume and begin preparing for the gala celebrations, which would kick off off on August 15 with the naming of the new Captain of the Carters.

The Carters have also selected the girls who would be the 2003 Marys and accompany the Queen on her royal duties throughout the festivities in August.

Irvine Royal Academy pupils Julie Anne Draper and Marissa Gemmell will be joined by St Michael’s Academy pupils Deborah McDade and Stacey Smith in re-enacting the visit to Irvine by Mary Queen of Scots and her attendants.

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Irvine Times: Harvies free membership 2003

KILWINNING councillor Margaret McDougall went along to Harvie’s Leisure Centre as Kilwinning Sports Club launched their free membership service in the area.

Representatives joined Councillor McDougall and Kilwinning man Ian Ralston who qualifies to use the club for free.

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Irvine Times: Bourtreehill gala queen

Robin Gallacher was set to be the pride of her village when she was crowned Bourtreehill and Broomlands Gala Queen.

The youngster would parade through the area on a horse and cart before being crowned at the height of the celebrations.

She was set to be accompanied by her maid of honour, Amy Grant, and pages Daniel Smith and Stuart Hannah before the crowning at Broomlands Primary School playground.

Tracy Allan, (37, who was the first Bourtreehill and Broomlands Gala Queen 25 years ago, would carry out the coronation before the rest of the day’s festivities get under way.

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And finally, environmental watchdogs slammed Irvine firm GlaxoSmithKline for being the most toxic polluter in Scotland.

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) named and shamed GlaxoSmithKline as the number one offender for toxic pollution in Scotland.

According to them, the Irvine pharmaceutical company spewed out 120,000 tonnes of pollution in 2002, made up with as many as 12 different chemicals.

SEPA also had bad news for Irvine’s Caledonian Paper Mill when it was named in the top 30 - and things got even worse when Nobel Enterprises in Ardeer was placed 10th in the list, churning out 1,860 tonnes of pollution.

Despite the shock inclusion, GlaxoSmithKline site director Jim McPherson said: “We can’t comment on these lists because we have not had contact from SEPA but what I will say is we are not breaching any of the pollution levels that have been set.”

MP Brian Donohoe said he was shocked by the report – but said it wouldn’t be fair to come down too hard on the companies in case jobs were lost.