AN IRVINE family of seven have hit out at their landlords - after suffering repeated power failures in their home.

Samantha Butcher and partner Jon Mackie, of Doura Place, say they have been told three times by electricians that their home needs to be completely rewired.

The couple, who share the house with five children, one of them autistic, said their landlords, Lomond Properties, have yet to act.

But the firm told the Times this week the problem had been fixed - as as they had determined a rewire was not needed, a safety certificate had now been issued.

Jon said on Thursday: "We had our electricity cut out two nights ago. They came to repair it and the electrician said the whole house needs rewired.

"You can’t even get replacement parts for some of it.

"My partner Samantha is in serious distress about all this. We have five weans in the house one of them autistic, with chronic lung disease.

"We’re worried he could end up on oxygen again. He’s at his gran’s right now, we can’t take the risk."

Jon said: "Samantha has been in the property since 2013. There have been problems over the years. Her ex got electrocuted once and a few sockets went black with the heat.

"Three separate contractors have told us it needs completely rewired.

Jon has now raised the issue with Irvine MSP Ruth Maguire.

A spokesman for Lomond Properties said: “The issue was raised late on Tuesday evening and an electrician attended on Wednesday morning.

“There was a temporary repair carried out and they are back on site today.

“Our guys have responded quickly and the contractors do their best. The council have been informed and they are happy at how we have responded.

“We are happy to report that the fault has now been repaired and they have issued a safety certificate.”