Bullying issues at Dreghorn’s Greenwood Academy have been flagged up by a concerned councillor.

Education cabinet member Shaun Macaulay insisted steps were being taken to deal with the problem after the matter was raised by Tory councillor Cameron Inglis at a full meeting of North Ayrshire Council.

Councillor Inglis said: “Pre-inspection bully surveys have highlighted issues with bullying in Greenwood Academy and the lack of confidence parents and carers have in the school to handle any problems that have been raised by a child.

“What can the cabinet member do to reassure all parents in North Ayrshire that all schools and staff are equipped to deal with bullying in schools?”

In reply, Councillor Maculay said: “Referring specifically to Greenwood Academy, it should be noted that pre-inspection questionnaires are one source of information used in an inspection.

“The overall inspection feedback was very positive about the work being undertaken in the school.

"Greenwood Academy carried out a full consultation with all stakeholders, which included parents, regarding bullying in April 2021 and launched their anti-bullying policy in May 2021. Parents were surveyed and their views shaped the policy along with other stakeholders.

“The school celebrated Anti-Bullying Week and revisited the policy with pupils in November. This was discussed across every year group. The policy was reviewed again when the school were working towards the LGBT Silver Charter this session.”

He added: “The school believes that pupils are now clearer about how to report bullying and they are proud to have introduced the mentors in violence prevention programme this year with S1. This will be rolled out further in 2023-24.

“Personal and social education (PSE) inputs focus on developing positive peer relationships and this year the area inclusion worker has reinforced this with P7 in partnership with S1 volunteers.

“This demonstrates Greenwood Academy’s ongoing commitment to making further improvements in this area.

“In line with our ongoing commitment to taking this work seriously, similar work focusing on minimising or preventing and responding to bullying behaviour is taking place across all schools in North Ayrshire.”