Welcome to the first edition of Corsehill Classchat for the year - where the Kilwinning school's P7 team will be providing you with all the latest updates.

The following article has been written by P7's Alex, Lucie, Ruby, Marshall, Lily and Liam. 

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Let’s kick off with our Early Years Class where the adults were delighted to welcome our new children and see how much some of our returning children had grown

The nursery children have been having lots of fun exploring the garden. Over in our P1 class, our newest school pupils have been practicing writing their names. We’re sure they’ll master it in no time!

In P1/2, the children have been playing ‘getting to know you’ games and have settled in very well.

They have been enjoying these games and having fun in the classroom! Jack from P1/2 said he likes learning new things and others stated they like playing outside and playing with the building blocks while others like using the ICT and seeing their friends.

Over in P2/3, the boys and girls have been having fun making lots of cool ice-cream artwork for our gym hall. Mr Grier says her pupils are cool like ice-lollies

Meanwhile in P3, the pupils have been investigating magnets in the learning zone, it sounds very interesting indeed.

Moving on to P4, where the class have been working their socks off doing science experiments.

Next, we heard from P5/4 where the boys and girls have been learning limericks - that must be super fun! I wonder what poems they are learning?

In P5/6, the pupils have been learning about ‘pit-motivational sayings’ to encourage and boost self-esteem! I hope this is working out really well and we can bring you some examples next week.

Can’t forget about Mrs. Williamson’s class where they have been learning about The Sustainable Development Goals! They must have had a lot of fun!  

The depute head teacher, Mr. Kirk, states: “I am excited to see the children back. The new school year is exciting and full of opportunities.”

Our head teacher, Mrs. Collins, stated, “I am very excited to see the children do wonderful things in the community.” 

As the P7 press team, we feel very excited to be part of this opportunity and optimistic about the year ahead. We would like to thank the newspaper for letting us be a part of this and being able to tell our school’s stories to the public.  

Read more from the Corsehill editorial team next week.