Extraordinary phone footage has emerged showing the moment passengers got off a ScotRail train in Ayrshire and walked along the tracks.

Passengers were forced to exit the train between Kilwinning and Irvine on Monday evening after the electricity supply was switched off between Kilwinning and Ayr.

The incident happened after all train services on the Kilwinning-Ayr stretch of the line were suspended when a major blaze broke out at the derelict Station Hotel, next to Ayr rail station.

The footage shows rail travellers having to jump off the ScotRail train, before making their way along the tracks in the dark.

Passengers found themselves stranded on the train for over two hours before being forced to evacuate and walk down the tracks to reach Kilwinning station.

The electricity supply to the railway's overhead wires was switched off between Kilwinning and Ayr as a safety measure to allow firefighters safe access to tackle the Station Hotel blaze, which is still ongoing.

The passengers can be seen then making their way on to the Kilwinning station platform.

The power supply was restored between Kilwinning and Irvine on Tuesday morning, though no trains are running between Irvine and Ayr.