NORTH Ayrshire Council has come under fire from an Irvine mum after she claimed her daughter's "only educational support" has been removed.

The woman, who preferred not to be named, says she was only given a 48-hour notice when she was told that her daughter's home tutor had been removed.

It comes less than a year after the support system was put in place for the girl,  who has been unable to physically attend school at Greenwood Academy.

The mother explained: "I have been fighting for my daughters education for two years and didn’t think it was possible for them to reach new lows but to remove the only educational support she has with basically 48 hours notice is ridiculous.

"My daughter has been at home for two years. She has only left the house a handful of times in that time which is usually just to walk the dog as she is unable to go anywhere else due to panic attacks.

"I have worked with the school every way possible and went through over 18 months of absolute hell before a meeting with Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAHMS) where we found out she was autistic.

"When the diagnosis was passed to the school I received an apology for them not providing support earlier, now, not even a year later, they’ve removed the home tutor they awarded her and are basically saying she has to return to school or there unable to provide her with an education."

Now, the mother fears that her daughter's progress will be halted after she had just began to make strides.

She added: "I’ve managed to get my child to a place mentally where she is happy and healthy, I won’t detail everything she’s been through with the stress of school not to mention the impact on my own mental health, but I find myself wondering how many other children North Ayrshire Council are just washing there hands.

"They are basically forcing parents to home school because they refuse to fund the support our neurodivergent children need to be able to achieve the qualifications many children master without extra support.

"My daughter went from being top of her class to having a nervous breakdown half way through the year all because the environment of secondary school was just too much for her.

"She’s more than academically able and wants nothing more than to learn which she does daily at home but I find it a hard pill to swallow that if a parent fails to provide an education for a child they are punished, what is the consequences for our council and education department?"

But North Ayrshire Council claim the home tutor service is not intended to provide a long-term solution.

A spokesperson said: "This is clearly a difficult time for those involved and we are fully aware of the challenges they face.

“It would be inappropriate for us to go into detail on individual cases but we always strive to give the best support available to all our pupils.

"While the home tutor service provides short-term support, it is never considered as a long-term solution.

“Staff across Greenwood Academy work very hard to offer a range of support and alternative approaches for all pupils who are struggling with mainstream education.

"The school will continue to provide these and will always endeavour to help and support pupils back into daily school activity.”