Irvine's John Douglas - guitarist with 90's favourites The Trashcan Sinatras - is set to release his debut solo album this Friday, October 6.

The 11 songs were recorded solo, live at Kyoti studio Glasgow (with no overdubs) by producer Mark Freegard, who also mixed and mastered the new album.

The album, entitled John Douglas, features new recordings of some of his favourite Traschcan Sinatras material, alongside new songs and John’s version of the Prefab Sprout classic ‘We Let The Stars Go’.

And John, who is married to Irvine singer and former Fairground Attraction star Eddi Reader, is hoping to bring his solo tour to his home town next year.

John and his band have been making music for over 30 years. Alongside his Trashcan Sinatras songwriting career John has been playing live gigs across the UK and Ireland as part of his partner Eddi’s band and performed solo sets at shows with musical friends including Jill Jackson, Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub) and James Grant (Love & Money).

Irvine Times: The album coverThe album cover (Image: John Douglas)

Whilst back in Irvine recently, John was invited to guest with Martin McAloon (the pair having first met when Trashcan Sinatras toured with Prefab Sprout in 1990 for the ‘Jordan - The Comeback’ tour).

John revealed: "I live in Glasgow now, but I'm down in Irvine to see my mum and brother every few weeks. I am doing some support shows in October, but I'm hoping to have my own tour in April or May and I've been in talks with the tea, from Irvine's Harbour Arts Centre.

"The Trashcan Sinatras all lived in or around Irvine - Castlepark, Bourtreehill or the old town itself. I used to live in Hunter Drive.

"We formed the band in Irvine in 1986 and our first album Cake came out in 1990. The band has lasted such a long time - and we're still going strong, even though two members now live in America.

"We're half way through our next album, with much of it being done through the internet. It is a lot easier to record an album in these digital days."

The music industry has obviously changed immensely since the Sinatras first formed. Streaming services and downleads led to a drop in record sales and live music has taken a real upturn in recent years.

John said: "I think people always want to see live music. You get a real visceral experience. But I'm sure record sales will come back eventually."

Irvine Times: The Trashcan SinatrasThe Trashcan Sinatras (Image: Newsquest)

His debut solo album is an intimate snapshot, the start of a new chapter, looking back and moving forwards.

The final track,  Always Written, is about his marriage to Eddi, whose brother Frank is the Trashcan Sinatras lead vocalist.

John said: "Twenty years in to our ever blossoming marriage, it's a direct love song to my wife.

"At the time I thought I had recorded all the songs for this album. I recorded them all in a four hour session… all live takes.. me singing and playing guitar.. no overdubs.

"A few days after this session, I could feel a song coming. It was snowing hard in Glasgow. I had been driving around town dropping the missus and her friends off, shopping, cooking, all the day to day stuff. Eventually, around midnight, I got to my writing room and this song arrived.

"It felt like it was desperate to get here in time for landing on the album. The last piece of the jigsaw."

Watch this space for details of John's tour as soon as they are revealed.