Greenwood Academy pupil Brooke Ramsay has announced her candidacy for the Scottish Youth Parliament.

The 16-year-old will be standing for election in the Cunninghame South constituency when young people across the area cast their votes next month.

Brooke said: "I have always wanted to be apart of a group that I both lead young people’s voices and encourage them.

"There’s a wide variety of issues in my community and school that I’d aim to tackle, as North Ayrshire faces a lot of hardships when it comes to their communities extracurricular activities, the condition of their environment and health.

"With my experience in the journalism club, debate club and pupil council, I have enough skills to accurately represent young people’s views and benefit the community I have grown up in. It’s something I feel strongly about."

Brooke continued: "In my campaign, my key issues are: equalities, the environment and health and well-being.

"During campaigning, I intend to promote the encouragement of environmental protection through youth groups and clean-ups.

"There is a stigma around mental health that still needs to be actively fought against, and I would champion young people’s voices for this.

"Lastly, I’d like young people to understand the importance of their voices and how they can contribute to their community.

"Young people aren’t exposed to the impact it can make, especially when it isn’t encouraged in their schools.

"I would ensure that young people can become more involved in choices if elected, as everyone deserves to be heard and have their concerns listened to.

"Especially those with ASN, as I will advocate for better accessibility in Irvine and more opportunities for young people to have their rights fulfilled."

Young folk across Scotland will be able to cast their votes to elect their next Member of the Scottish Youth Parliament to represent them between November 6 and 19.

Four seats will be up for grabs in North Ayrshire – two covering Cunninghame North and two covering Cunninghame South.

Cunninghame South's previous MSYPs include Chloe Robertson, who now serves as North Ayrshire Council's young people's champion after being elected to the Irvine West ward in the May 2022 local government elections.

She served as an MSYP for Cunninghame South from 2017 to 2019.

Young people aged 14 to 25 are eligible to stand for election to the Scottish Youth Parliament - though the deadline for candidates this year has already passed.

Cunninghame South is currently represented by MSYPs Justin Jones and Pyper Quayle, while Logan Gilmour and Mais Al Diri represent the Cunninghame North area.