A Kilwinning councillor who has been suffering ill health since the summer has been given extended leave of absence as he continues his sickness battle.

We previously reported in September that it was confirmed that Councillor John Glover was "somewhat unwell" at the moment but leader of the local Conservative group, Councillor Tom Marshall, moved to assure his constituents that Cllr Glover is continuing to work.

And North Ayrshire Council’s full meeting on Wednesday was advised that Cllr John Glover was still facing major health struggles.

Cllr Tom Marshall advised that serious illness had prevented Councillor Glover attending meetings since the last council meeting on May 17.

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An elected member who fails to attend any meetings of the council, its committees, joint committees, joint boards or other body as a representative of the council, throughout a period of six consecutive months, ceases being a member of North Ayrshire Council, unless their non-attendance is due to a reason approved by the council.

The council agreed to note the exceptional circumstances surrounding Councillor John Glover’s non-attendance at a meeting of the council, committee, joint committee, joint board or other body as representative since missing the Hunterston Site Stakeholders group meeting on June 1 and the likelihood that his absence may extend beyond the six-month period.

And Councillor Glover’s failure to attend is due to a reason approved by the council. Such approval for non-attendance being granted until the scheduled meeting of council on May 15, 2024.

If needed, a further update will be submitted to the May 2024 meeting of the council.