A WONKY Christmas tree has been the talk of the town in Kilwinning - with local residents giving it their overwhelming backing.

It comes after local councillor Donald Reid shared an image of the tree in the town centre - seeking public opinion.

He explained how the tree was sitting "perfectly straight" from the front, adding that it was the "perfect shape".

However, as could be seen from the image shared on social media "as the tree has settled it has went wonky".

Cllr Reid continued: "After consideration with those looking after Christmas this year in Kilwinning, the tree was deemed a lovely tree and perfect from the front. The group were perfectly happy with the tree as it stands.

"A few comments have come in expressing dissatisfaction, so it is scheduled to be replaced tomorrow but I’ve had folk ask me to save the lovely tree and leave it in position."

It was proposed that the public would decide the future of Kilwinning's wonky tree - should it be moved elsewhere and replaced, or should it remain?

And scores of people responded to Cllr Reid's post on Facebook - almost exclusively giving the 'unorthodox' decoration their support.

One member of the people said: "Save the tree and show everyone that even when you’re not perfect you can still shine. It will look great when it’s decorated."

Another adding: "It's our unique tree. We're all a little wonky sometimes."

Another decided that the tree was similar to some of the sights you can often see about town.

The added: "I love it! I've seen plenty folk walking back from the pub at the same angle! Leave it and celebrate the wonky."

Another local even went as far as to write a beautiful poem for Kilwinning's wonky tree.

They said: "A Christmas tree that change its mind; I don’t want to be straight, so please be kind. Leave me where I’ve been put; let the toon folk awe come look. As I stand wonky with lights and star, Kilwinning's tree is the best by far."

And after watching the comments come in, Cllr Reid stated that the tree is "going nowhere".

He said: "The tree is going nowhere due to the overwhelming confidence in the tree assigned to Kilwinning to celebrate the festive season.

"An attempt will be made to adjust the tree today to silence the few extreme comments put forward that the tree brought the town into disrepute.

"Thanks to all who clearly supported the retention rather than substitution of the symbol of Christmas in Kilwinning."